Super Undies Nighttime Trainers (Prints)
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Super Undies Nighttime Trainers (Prints)

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Super Undies has spent years developing and perfecting a reusable, waterproof, overnight option for bedwetting. They are excellent for potty training transitional nights or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bed wetting, please add an insert (or a folded washcloth) to them for additional absorbency.
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Many children go through bedwetting and it sure can make them feel bad. Super Undies wants to help children wake up dry and not damage their self-esteem. These bedwetting pants are real waterproof nighttime underwear, that we've designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. This alone helps relieve the stress of the child from having to tell his mom/dad that he wet the bed. They are excellent for potty training transitional nights or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bed wetting, please add an insert (or a folded washcloth) to them for additional absorbency.

Why Do Nighttime Undies Work?

Our bedwetting pants are made to hold the Hoover Dam. We started with a good concept on retaining a nighttime accident, then we beefed it up.
  • 1. Waterproof material all through the external structure of the undies.
  • 2. 4 layers of built-in absorbency, two sewn internally and two externally, as a soaker pad.
  • 3. Tabs are waterproof and on the back of them, a soft water resistant fleece helps hold in leaking for side sleepers.
  • 4. The legs and waist are created out of water resistant fleece, as an additional insurance policy against leaking.
  • 5. The absorbent material does not touch the outer edges inside the undies. This also battles against leaking.
  • 6. An additional pocket has been added on the inside, in case the four layers aren't enough to soak up your child’s output. Simply stuff more absorbency in the pocket!

Your Child Will Sleep Better

A kid who wets the bed and leaks out will absolutely feel the cold in his sleep. This could cause him to toss and turn all night long until he finally wakes up or wakes you up. Either way, getting a good night's rest leads to a successful day and getting a poor night's sleep can make more than one member of the household pretty cranky. Super Undies Nighttime Undies contain the wetness and by holding it in the undies, the wetness remains the same temperature as their body. They can’t even feel it now. Some kids wake up and don't know if they wet until they check the undies!

Sure you can save trees but you’ll be saving money too!

Using disposable diapers adds up. When you have a baby, a disposable diaper costs about .11, pretty cheap! But as you go up in size (and by then your hooked) they get considerably more expensive, until your paying over $1.00 a piece for UnderJams. That’s about $30 a month and a pair of Nighttime Undies is about $30. Having two pairs of bedwetting pants may cost $60 but they will last you at least an entire year and that will save you $300 in the long run!

Cloth Undies Feel Better

There’s a stigma attached with disposables. Even though they are “UnderJams” or “GoodNites” children still associate the disposable product with a baby diaper. 

Commonly Asked Questions
How many of these would I need? 
We recommend two for a rotation, that way one item doesn't take all the wear from daily laundering. Any item of clothing you buy will have a shorter life span the more it is laundered, so rotating your Nighttime Undies will keep them lasting longer. So will washing them in a garment bag, not using bleach, and not using fabric softener! 

Are these comfortable to sleep in? 
These bedwetting pants are super soft around the legs and waist, and great care was taken in the pattern to make sure you get a smooth inner feel. We've never heard complaints of them being scratchy. The only complaint we sometimes hear is that the undies can be bulky. We are tasked with the job of using enough absorbency to match your child's output, and if we miss the mark and they leak, you'll be mad at us. We use enough absorbency to handle what most kids can pee out. 

Will they get hot? 
Heat comes from a waterproof barrier not being breathable, so air doesn't circulate. All a disposable diaper is really is a thin plastic trash bag with SAP in it. The ones that "cool" are covered in a chemical compound that creates a reaction (against your kids skin) when wet. Our bedwetting underwear doesn't count on plastic for it's waterproofing. We use PUL, a 1 mil breathable laminate on a non-wicking polyester fabric. That means our Nighttime Undies are cooler that the disposable competition. And better for the environment. And better for your kids skin. And made in American. And Super Undies in family owned. Doesn't that make your heart happy? 

What size would I need?
Please refer to the sizing chart and measure your child. We use age recommendations as a guideline, but it is no replacement for measuring! And remember, The waistband of our bedwetting pants folds down to cinch up the waist and rise. This means you want to focus on your leg measurement and hopefully get it right in the middle of the given range. 

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